Bac120 tree

Hello, I downloaded bac120.TREE from the latest release. Could someone explain the structure of this file to me? I expacted to get a single newick tree, but there are more than 1200 ‘;’ in the file. Or else - how can I get just the newick tree of all bacterial species?
Thanks a lot,

OK, I think I understand now - if I want to have just the newick tree for all bacterial species,
I should take the downloaded .TREE file and remove all the remarks (between ’ chars) from it.
The remain is a standard .nwk file.

At least some tools can read the *.tree files as they are, but unfortunately not all. The Newick format is fairly flexible so not all programs accept all formats. We generally view the tree in either Dendroscope or ARB, and use DendroPy to work with in in Python.