Bartonella is classified within the family Rhizobiaceae

Dear all
I was looking at the classification history of the genus Bartonella, and according to GTDB, it belongs to the family Rhizobiaceae. I would like to know why. There is a recent article that reviews the classification of the order Rhizobiales and maintains the classification of Bartonella in the family Bartonellaceae. Additionally, it adds other genera to the family Bartonellaceae. Could you explain why Bartonella appears within the family Rhizobiaceae in GTDB?
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Dear Juliana
Here’s a screenshot of the neighbourhood in question. I’ve broken up the Rhizobiaceae as currently defined in r220 (all taxa in green) to match the diCenzo study as far as possible. Bartonellaceae as circumscribed in that study has low bootstrap support (48%) and is not monophyletic in earlier GTDB releases, so that will be the main reason. We can reevaluate in the next release.
Bw, Phil