Definition of Desulfobacterota_E in GTDB

Hi, I came across diversity allignment of some soil 16S samples with GTDB r202,
one of the high-abundance phylum that was alligned is Desulfobacterota_E
I would like to ask what are the differences between the Desulfobacterota and Desulfobacterota_E
as far as I know some Proteobacteria-Deltaproteobacteria taxon was elevated into Desulfobacterota.
Thanks in advance

Hi Jiayong

Sorry for the slow response. The suffix indicates that the taxon is not monophyletic in the current reference tree, but for which there is independent usually better data suggesting that it is part of this taxon, so in short: Desulfobacterota_E = Desulfobacterota.

Also see FAQ - GTDB - FAQ

Bw, Phil

thanks for the explanation,
Best JY