Discrepancies in the taxonomic placement of Alteromonadaceae between GTDB and NCBI

Upon going through GTDB articles, FAQs, and taxon history I still couldn’t understand why the family Alteromonadaceae is classified under the parent order Enterobacterales. According to NCBI, WORMS, and LPSN the family Alteromonadaceae is categorized under the order Alteromonadales . I am aware that different databases may use different sets of marker genes, but I don’t understand why only GTDB includes Alteromonadaceae in the parent order Enterobacterales.

Will be a great help if you can clarify this.

Salute to the GTDB team for all the hard work in maintaining this enormous comprehensive prokaryotic classification database.

This classification is based on the relative evolutionary divergence (RED) of the group. The Alteromonadales is too shallow to be classified as an order as is the Enterobacteriales as currently defined in LPSN/NCBI. Together they are form a monophyletic group with a RED in the order-level range (similar to Pseudomonadales). Ultimately, there is no right or wrong, this is the taxonomic opinion of the GTDB team.

Thank you for clarifying that.