I found some taxonomic classification divergences for some orders:

  • Azospirillales (Azospirralaceae/Rhodospirillales at NCBI)
  • Burkholderiales (Betaproteobacteria at NCBI)
    Could you help me with these questions, please?

Hi Carla,

Those changes or taxonomic disagreements are resulted from the taxon reclassifications following our phylogenetic reconstructions and application of rank normalisation approach.

The membership of the order Rhodospirillales as it was previously defined is not supported in our taxonomic framework, and resulted in delineated of the order Azospirillales. You can view the state of changes compare to NCBI here. Note that name Azospirillales has been recently validly published, meaning that this taxonomic opinion has been properly communicated in the literature and taxon name is formally recognised.

Class Betaproteobacteria has been merged with the class Gammaproteobacteria and name chosen based on the earlier date of priority. The need for a such merge has been observed in multiple phylogenies even prior to GTDB.

Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any further questions.