Pallen et al. Candidatus names and GTDB updates

Hi Donovan, Phil

Thanks greatly for GTDB and all the hard work that’s gone into it. It is a marvellous resource!

I support using the term Candidatus being included. I assume you will include the Candidatus names proposed by Mark Pallen and his colleagues at the Quadrum Institute? Only 65000 to include…

This will be a little bit of an earthquake in microbial taxonomy and will be interesting to see opinions especially with the names being autogenerated. A collective ICSP Subcommittee is being held tomorrow (chaired by Prof. Stephen On who is at Lincoln University in New Zealand) and this will likely be one of the topics discussed.

I should note that some of Pallen et al. Candidatus names are not aligned with data in LPSN. This is not easily seen unless active cross-referencing is done. This is the case for 19 names in the genera Duganella, Janthinobacterium, Massilia (all in family Burkholderiaceae) affecting relatively recent descriptions. I guess more are lurking as well but requires a lot of time to sort out unfortunately. Once the inconsistencies are identified I suspect they will be easy to fix but some of the Candidatus names will only have a very brief existence,



Hi John

We will follow the lead of NCBI Taxonomy and LPSN for adoption of Marks names in the first instance. As you point out, it will be a massive change and we’re in a wait and see period to see if the names are adopted by the scientific community.

Bw, Phil

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