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Possible typo in taxonomic path: Defferrisomatales, Defferisomatales or Deferrisomatales?

The genus" Deferrisoma" was apparently placed into new taxa on family, order, class and phylum level, compared to the ncbi taxonomy which makes sense.
There seems to be a conflict in the exact taxonomic path for this genus between the silva and the gtdb taxonomies, which is not unusual in itself, also.

HOWEVER, it seems quite likely that this particular conflict is simply based on a typo?

the genus “Deferrisoma” is spelled with only one “f” but two “r” in both taxonomies. But on higher levels (family, order, class), it is spelled with TWO “f” but ONE “r” in gtdb:
and with TWO “f” and TWO “r” in silva: (Defferrisomatia;Defferrisomatales;Defferrisomataceae;Deferrisoma).

Is there any particular reson why the higher levels are spelled different from the genus, even if they seem to be named after it, or were there (different) typos in both systems (gtdb and silva)?
If there IS a reason for this different spelling on different taxonomic levels, which one can be assumed to be correct? GTDB or SILVA?

Hi John

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
The genus Deferrisoma is currently placed into the family Deferrisomataceae, order Deferrisomatales, class Deferrisomatia, phylum Desulfobacterota (p__Desulfobacterota_C in GTDB) based on paper by Waite et al., 2020 (

As you correctly noticed the conflict in taxonomic path resulted from a typo (double -ff- in GTDB that has been erroneously propagated into Silva). The typo will be corrected in the next releases of both GTDB and Silva.

Thank you!