Pseudonocardiaceae is classified as Mycobacteriales

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Why is Pseudonocardiaceae classified as Mycobacteriales instead of Pseudonocardiales?

There are some inconsistencies on the internet (e.g. Wikipedia has outdated links to Actinomycetales) but the order Pseudonocardiales has been duly documented by:
Labeda DP, Goodfellow M (2012). “Order XIII. Pseudonocardiales ord. nov.”. In Goodfellow M, Kämpfer P, Trujillo ME, Suzuki K, Ludwig W, Whitman WB (eds.). Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology . Vol. 5 (2nd ed.). New York: Springer. p. 1301.

While Pseudonocardiaceae is the only family of the order, overall, literature has accepted and used this taxon over the years.

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Hi Constanza,

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As part of the rank normalisation process based on the RED values, this family (as well as other families) has been assigned to the order Mycobacteriales. The depth of the current order is thus comparable with that of other orders across the tree.
So far, this is a GTDB taxonomic opinion only and it hasn’t been published.
You can, therefore, refer to it as a GTDB taxonomic opinion.

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Great, understood.
Thanks for replying, Masha.

Thank you, and I hope that more in depth studies will published un updated taxonomy of this and related orders in the near future…