R202 to r207 taxonomy conversion table?

Dear GTDB team, thank you for all your work!

Apologies if ive just missed this, but i was wondering if you had a conversion table for all species name changes / genome assignment conversions?

I have seen GTDB - Taxon History, however this requires searching for a particular taxon one at a time, while i was hoping for a mapping file to crudely convert r202 to r207 names, if that makes sense.

Thanks in advance for your time,



You can use the Taxon History tool to explore how assignments have changed between releases:

If you need a full change log between releases, I believe the gtdb-taxdump tool by Wei Shen can provide this information:


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Many thanks, it sounds like the tool by Wei Shen is exactly what i need! I will have a go :slight_smile: