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Upcoming corrections to classifications

The following corrections to R05-RS95 classifications are proposed for the next release of the GTDB:

  • GTDB species cluster GCA_002003685.1 is currently named Enterobacter himalayensis, but this has been deemed the result of an erroneously classified genome indicated as the type strain of Pedobacter himalayensis. This species cluster will be disbanded in the next release. Thank you to Ryan Wick for bringing this issue to our attention.

  • The Enterobacter sesami species cluster GCA_007035645.1 will be disbanded in the next GTDB release. This species cluster was formed in order to retain the species name Pantoea sesami under the assumption this species should be transferred from Pantoea to Enterobacter as indicated by the only available P. sesami genome, GCF_900129625.1. However, since this genome is not the type strain of P. sesami and has high similarity to E. asburiae it is likely misclassified or, alternatively, P. sesami best considered a synonym of E. asburiae. Thank you to Zhiyong Zong who helped bring attention to this issue.