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Ani_rep reference sketches


thank you for the great work, the GTDB and GTDBtk are a great contribution to the world of computiational microbiology / metagenomics!

My question: I am trying to use the ani_rep tool for a quick screening of metagenome-assembled genomes to simply get a quick look at what the closest reference genomes are. that step is actually very fast, however is massively slowed down because the mash sketches for the reference genomes are built each time I run ani_rep, although they don’t change. Is there a way to sketch the genomes once and then provide the sketches to the ani_rep tool?

Thank you!

Hi Malte,
Thanks for your feedback,
We will implement this new feature in the next release of GTDB-Tk


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Hi, this is now available via the --mash_db command of ani_rep as of 1.4.0 (as described here).