Could you provide .gbk files in next release?

Hello GTDB team,

Thank you so much for providing such a good database for taxonomy determination. I myself is doing evolutionary studies of transcription regulators, I find GTDB is very useful.

Since I need to extract promoter sequence from protein of interest, a GenBank format genome can be of great help. I cannot find it in /public/gtdb/data/releases/latest/genomic_files_reps.

I tried to re-annotate these genomes from GTDB’s .fna files, however I find my compute source is limited. Maybe many of others are facing the same problem. Though I can also download them from NCBI, I think NCBI version of annotation may not be exactly same as GTDB‘s. Could you provide GenBank format of genomes in next release?


Song Shuang

Hi Song,

Thank you for your message. We do not annotate the genomes in GTDB other than to identify the genes used to infer the reference trees.


OK, thank you!