Is GTDB including all species from NCBI bacteria refseq?

Hello to all the community, it may be a simple question but I was wondering if GTDB includes all the diversity present in the refseq database in terms of species.

For example, as I understand it, in refseq you can have many times the same species genomes included, and in GTDB it will be one representative of that species. But do all the bacterial species from GTDB include all the bacterial species represented in refseq? In another case, would all bacterial species present in refseq also be present in GTDB but the reverse is not true?

Thank you for your help and time.


The current release of GTDB (R08-RS214) was released on Apr. 28, 2023 and included genomes at NCBI up to RefSeq R214 (Sept. 16, 2022).