Missing genera in NCBI / GTDB mapping files

There are many of these, but to give a concrete example: Pilibacter

Pilibacter is in GTDB and has both NCBI and GTDB taxonomies listed:

Yet Pilibacter does not appear in either the NCBI_vs_GTDB nor GTDB_vs_NCBI mapping spreadsheets.

Why is this? Is there some key piece of information I am missing?

Hi Mick,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are double checking, but I believe this issue here is that taxa that are perfectly congruent between GTDB and NCBI are not listed. This is largely a historical issue as this file was originally used to give an indication of differences between the GTDB and NCBI taxonomies. I have flagged that we should include all taxa in these files starting with the next GTDB release.