Plastid and mitochondrial sequences in GTDB?

thank you for this great database.
Did I see this correctly that you chose to not include genomes of plastids and mitochondria? Is there a particular reason for this? Do you plan to include these in the future (would this even be possible, as I imagine that the organellar genomes may not include all required markers for the phylogenetic analyses)?

Thank you for some insights.

Hi Florian,

GTDB currently covers bacterial and archaeal genomes obtained from the NCBI Assembly DB. As you suggested, we rely on a set of bacterial and archaeal marker genes to infer the reference trees we use for taxonomic curation so it isn’t possible to fit plastids and mitochondria into our existing curation process. We don’t have any current plans to extend the GTDB beyond bacterial and archaeal genomes.


Hey Donovan,
thank you for the fast and informative response.