Representative genomes for higher taxonomic orders

Hi folks

I was wondering if you had thoughts or approaches to choose representative genomes for higher taxonomic orders (e.g. n genomes per genus or family)?

Obviously approximately evenly spaced would be awesome!



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Hi Rob

I believe that such selection should be done by the users as it really depends on the user question.

For example, a user might be selecting genomes only from the type strains or consider genomes of certain quality. Obviously there are lineages that totally lack genomes from type strains of genomes that are above certain quality criteria. Therefore, it would be very pretension to create such a list as our goal is to provide a taxonomy which is as inclusive as possible so that users then make a selection of taxa themselves.
We could consider to provide information about nomenclature types for the higher taxa if this is available from the nomenclature databases. Would that be helpful?

Thank you,