Taxon History API vs Web

I’m trying to connect some R202 results with some R95 results. I used the API for most of it but noticed a few places where the api and the web interface didn’t agree. Here’s an example from GCF_002104795.1. On the web interface I get 5 entries in the Taxon History section:

with the API I only get 2 when searching all-releases:

Does anyone know why these results don’t match up, and how I might programmatically get the R95 species names (API or downloads)?


This comes down to some nuances in the API which I will eventually document to make it clearer :slight_smile: The API url you’re using is used by the taxon history, the genome page uses the /genome/gid/taxon-history endpoint.

If it would be helpful I can dump a list of accession to taxonomy for all releases (used by the taxon history tool). Otherwise, that data can be generated using the taxonomy file for past releases.

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Thanks! I can go through the endpoint you provided to accomplish my current task which is only about 300 species. If it’s not too much trouble to put the dump in the downloads in the future it might be helpful if one day someone has thousands of bugs they want history on. Thanks for helping solve this for me!